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What is STEAM?


STEM- which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Its been around for a while and is used in schools, it's a process of linking and integrating subjects within projects.  The idea is that we learn through a whole mixture of subjects, so no one subject stands alone.  This thinking came about from the changes in the working world, where scientists needed mathematicians, engineers needed technical-minded people, and so forth.  

Then it has come apparent that the Arts are a major factor in all of these, companies were looking for creative thinkers with skills in the Arts.  


A new buzzword was formed: STEAM!!


STEM plus the Arts


The cross-curricular was formed, by activities using one or more of the STEM processes within an Arts project.  Having fun and learning at the same time is key.  


Our children are the next generation of employers or employees, and how can we prepare children to succeed in the future in a world that is rapidly changing?  

How do we prepare them for jobs that may not at present even exist yet?


85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet as reported by Dell Technologies and authored by the Institute For The Future (IFTF).  

These are the jobs predicted for 2030

  • Organ Creator- such a shortage we will need to produce a method of using artificial organs.

  • Augmented-reality journey builder- Total Recall the film, is becoming a reality where customers experience everything in a virtual world. 

  • Biofilm installer- literally using slime and pond scum and by producing microbial cells that attach to any wet surfaces, can be used in cleaning up oil spills, sewage, air filters in buildings, and many more ideas. 

  • Earthquake forecaster- like reading the weather these jobs will prepare us for the earth's natural disasters.

  • Makeshift structure engineer- 3D printers are already here, next will be structures built quickly on a bigger scale.

  • Rewilder- a job of taking the earth back to its former state- rather than reclaiming land we will rewild it.

  • Digital currency advisor- With the soaring interest on the increase and use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and ether investors will need advisors in the know.

  • Drone traffic optimizer- we are already seeing an increase in the use of drones, this will increase and we will need ways to monitor their flight path.

There are many more jobs including the Self-driving car mechanic and engineers to process our waste and improve our recycling.


Ribberty Rabbit Crafting Club will use the STEAM approach through arts to build on the skills children need.  The activities are for all, they help develop the children's skills, this is grouped by their age.  There are three age groups.  


Ribberty Rabbit Crafting Club activities also encourage children to recycle, something that is so important for our planet.  

Activities can use recycled items as will the workshops.  


Have a look at the age groups for a sample of the projects and activities that can be purchased.

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