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Welcome to Ribberty Rabbit Crafting

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I'm Emma the owner of Ribberty Rabbit Crafting Club - which has formed from my love & passion of the Arts and wanting to share this with others. 

My love for the Arts started at a young age & I was very lucky to be able to expand my knowledge by completing a foundation course, which led to a Fine Arts Degree course. 

I learnt a vast range of skills from painting, sculpture, and all the printmaking methods.
My hands were either covered in paints (the texture is so sensory), or trying to be kept clean to take a good etching print.

It was not till I completed my degree and went on to do my PGCE is the Early Years that my hands stayed semi-clean. 
Of course, working with children has meant not only are my hands covered, but also my clothes.
The messier I am the more fun I and the children have had. I think this is so true even today.

The heart of Ribberty Rabbit is to Enjoy, Explore & Experiment. I hope you will join us in having a fun time.  

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